Start date: Year round

EF Chengdu

12 schools in Chengdu and approximately 100 foreign English teachers, in addition to over 20 other foreign staff in management, marketing, and human resource.

  • Flight allowance of 8000RMB per each full contract.
  • Full training and continuous development and support from our experienced Directors of Studies, Senior Teachers, idea sharing events, and Hub Trainings.

  • Excellent class resources. Every teacher has specially designed teacher’s books and manuals, CDs, supplies and props for games. Our multimedia classrooms are equipped with interactive white boards and a host of online resources.

  • Full onboarding and relocation assistance. As soon as you arrive we will put you up in a hotel for a week and you will be assigned a welfare officer who will help you find an apartment, open local bank accounts and help you acclimate to your new life in Chengdu.

  • Full visa assistance. EF will cover the whole cost of your visa application and help you every step of the way.

  • Great career opportunities. EF Chengdu offers great opportunity for growth with promotion opportunities to senior teacher, associate director of studies, director of studies and regional positions for exemplary teachers. 80% of our management staff is promoted from within the company.

Monthly salary: 14,000-16,000 RMB after-tax

Working hours 

  • Teachers will be required to work 5 days a week during the non-peak seasons and up to 6 days per week during the peak seasons of summer and winter course production (usually falling within the periods of June to August and January to February respectively every year). Teachers may be asked to work morning and evening shifts in the same day. Teachers may have teaching duties in the center or off-site. The actual working schedule shall be arranged by the Director of Studies.
  • Teachers work for 40 hours per week. (Teaching hrs up to 20/20 office hours)
  • During non-peak seasons, the working month includes up to 130 academic hours (academic hours refers to classroom teaching hours, 1 academic hour is equal to 40 minutes) which equals 87 real hours per month, averaging out to 30 academic hours per week. For calculation purposes, a month is 4.33 weeks.
  • During peak seasons, the working hours can rise to up to 169 academic hours (113 real hours) per month, averaging out to 40
    academic hours per week.
  •  Any academic hours carried out by a Teacher beyond the maximum monthly academic hours total is subject to overtime remuneration.
  • Teachers can be assigned to any of the EF centers within the city but would generally be based in one center.

Vacation: 12 days of paid annual leave +12 days of public holiday

Accommodation allowance: 2000rmb housing allowance paid monthly + 7000rmb upon teacher’s arrival

Flight Allowance: 8000RMB per contract

Completion bonus: 5000-15000RMB

Medical insurance provided: Aetna health insurance ( Global insurance)


Contract duration: 15 months

Requirements: University Degree, TEFL Certification, Native English Speaker.

Job Opening ID: ZR87

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