OK Recruiting went above and beyond as they helped me through the recruiting process. I was looking for a specific location and time of day in which to teach, and they found a perfect match for me. Additionally, my situation was an especially difficult one due everything coming together at the last second. They helped me from the beginning to the end, showing an admirable amount of patience, understanding, and grace. I am very grateful for help and courtesy I received from them, I’m certain that I would not have been able to do this without them.

111Robert Lawrence

I got my job at a hagwon through OK Recruiting and I have to say they were amazing. They were very reliable and helpful, and They responded to all my emails and questions very quickly.

Finding a job and sorting out your visa can be a very stressful process, but it was very easy for me because they were so helpful with everything. As soon as I got in touch with them, Bonnie gave me a list of potential jobs and sorted out several interviews and within 2 days I had a job lined up. I have been here nearly 2 months now and I am loving my job so much.

I have nothing bad to say about them, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone thinking of coming to work in Korea.


I’ve worked with several recruiters in the past, both successfully and unsuccessfully. This time around, I enlisted the services of several recruiters to better my chances of finding the right job for me. From the moment I heard back from Jay Lee, which was within a matter of hours, I could tell that he was dedicated to finding me a job that suited my interests. By the time I heard back from the other recruiters, Jay had already found me several interview opportunities. Not only did he consistently find me high-quality job opportunities, he gave me advice on which ones to consider based on my preferences and qualifications. In addition, he has been in contact with me since I’ve been in Korea, which is a rarity, despite what some other recruiters may tell you. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Jay and OK Recruiting. I have already, and will continue recommend them to anyone interested in teaching English in Korea.

222Stephen Gronsbell

Jay has been absolutely great.

From the moment I contacted him, he sent me numerous job opportunities. If one didn’t work out, he would immediately send me two or three new ones. Once I found one that was the right fit, he walked me through every step of the signing process. He was very understanding and supportive, and I have recommended him to all of my friends!

Thanks again for all of your help!


OK 리쿠르팅을 통해 정말 좋으신 선생님들을 많이 소개받았어요.
인터뷰부터 시작해서 비자까지 세세하게 신경 써 주셔서 항상 감사드리고 앞으로도 학생들 사랑 많이 해주시는 선생님들 소개로 우리 학교 뿐만 아니라 많은 학교 학생들이 재밌는 영어 공부 할 수 있기를 기대합니다.

Seongdong-elementary-OKSeongdong Elementary school in Seoul

Thanks so much for making all efforts leading to my journey to Korea a seamless experience!
From the very beginning of my recruitment process, you kept me updated and responded to all queries I had, thanks for going the extra mile…

You really were outstanding!!


I can say, with absolute certainty, that I would not be living and working in Seoul right now without the incredible support of Mr. Lee. Throughout the entire process (from arranging interviews, to guiding me through the visa application, through arranging airport pickup) he always took the time to respond to my questions. My situation is unusual because I came here with my non-teaching spouse, but Mr. Lee helped guided me through applying for his F-3 visa, and put me in touch with the travel agent my school used so that we could purchase a second plane ticket. I would recommend using OK Recruiting without any reservation. Living and working in Korea is an incredible experience, and one that would not have been possible without the help of this company, and this man.

Thank you, OK! And thank you Mr. Lee, for helping to make my dream a reality!

Meg Altman

OK Recruitment have been incredible! They have been there from start to finish and even checked we had arrived okay and that the school and accommodation we are in is suitable for us. Jay in particular has been really friendly and supportive through the whole process and would often get back within a day with answers to any questions I had. I would recommend OK Recruitment to anyone!

Fionn Robertson

I’ve been teaching in South Korea for two and half years and decided to move to Seoul from a smaller city in Gyeonggido. I talked to a lot of recruiters and told them my requirements but all of them kept offering me teaching jobs that were completely different from what I told them I was looking for.

Finally, I got into contact with Jay from OK Recruiting and after only a couple back and forth emails, he was able to find me a perfect school that fit all my requirements. The process afterwards was smooth and went by quickly. He helped me along the way and answered all my questions and concerns. Afterwards he made sure to check in with me and see how everything was going.

I definitely recommend this company for anyone looking for a teaching job in Korea! They’re very helpful and take all your needs into account before just offering any teaching job they have available.


Jay Lee was very helpful in finding me a job in Korea. He kept very good and regular contact with me and guided me through every aspect of the transition. He was on hand with quick responses to any questions or queries I had. I am now working at a very good school and loving my current new life in South Korea.


In our interactions the agent from OK Recruiting was helpful and professional. He helped me get set up with my second school in Korea, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I was looking for a less stressful position with more flexible hours, and he was able to find that for me. I would be happy to recommend the services of OK Recruiting to others looking for a job teaching EFL in Korea.

Daniel T. Moore

My name is Esther Kim from Perth, Australia.

I had am amazing experience with OK recruiting and the recruiter Jay was super helpful and whenever I had questions, he responded very quickly.I already had a teaching experience in Pohang, Korea and I really enjoyed teaching in Korea. I decided to come back to Korea and apply for a job in Seoul. I have never lived in a big city so I really wanted to live in Seoul and work.

At first, I tried to contact directly to schools and with my limited Korean I struggled so I decided to find a recruiter in Korea to get a job. I contacted OK recruiting when I found them on Dave’s ESL cafe.

I wasn’t really expecting a quick reply, but Jay replied really quickly and he got me a job in 3 days. I had a quick interview, sent my resume and required documents to process my application. I had everything ready so It literally took me few days to get a job. Jay organised the flight ticket and housing and he negotiated with the director so he could get me an apartment in Seoul. I could also effectively communicate with the hagwon director with Jay’s help.

When I arrived at Incheon airport, a pick up service was provided by OK recruiting and the driver took me to my apartment.

I arrived really late at night but it was really good to know that someone was picking me up. I strongly recommend OK recruiting, because it is a legitimate recruiting company and I personally had a great experience. I am currently doing what I love and enjoying every moment in Gangnam. The job that I got is as described and they are providing the benefit they are supposed to provide. There are a lot of hagwon nightmares and I am really grateful that I got a great job.

Thanks to OK recruiting!

Esther Kim

I had somewhat of a tumultuous start in Korea but it would have been more stressful if I didn’t have the help that I received from OK Recruiting. Since the beginning of my search for jobs in Korea, OK Recruiting proved to be the most reliable for presenting me to schools which in turn gave me interviews. I struggled with other recruiters to do so where as I had more chances with OK Recruiting. Jay Lee was quick, patient, and extremely responsive to not only my questions but for job availabilities as well. He also helped me find my first Hagwon job and was very understanding even when I wanted to transfer later down the road. I highly recommend using their services whether you are a newcomer or current teacher in Korea.

Thank you so much for everything!

Rose Hoang

Jay is quite different than other recruiters. He is always very quick in responding to any questions you might have (sometimes he replies to my emails instantly). I have worked with many recruiters before but they tend to disregard my preferences and never stick around. Jay actually provides you with options based on your circumstances and will work with you until you find the right job. He is also very professional. What a refreshing change!

Josey Nguyen

I am an experienced teacher and I wasn’t looking for a generic entry level job, Jay seemed to get that right away and he only sent me jobs that meet what I was looking for and we ended up founding a fantastic place that I think is really unique and different from the typical Korean hagwon and really challenges me to do good work. Jay was totally on top of things, he responded to emails within just an hour or so of me sending them. He also helped me negotiate for a higher salary. He is great!


Jay from OK Recruiting is the Best! My wife and I were searching for teaching positions in which we could work at the same school. Within no more than an hour after we messaged him he had already replied with potential positions; and this despite it already being nearly midnight where he was. We had the interview the next morning and by that afternoon we had signed contracts! He helped us each step of the way and corresponded with the school on our behalf regarding arrangements. We have now been at the school for a month and all is going great. I would highly recommend Jay’s services.

MK-Photo-1Michael Kleynhans

I have lived and worked in South Korea for the past three years, and this program has helped me find job every single time. They are reliable and do not hesitate to help the teacher find a school that suits them. Jay especially has been so helpful!

When I first arrived in Seoul, I had no idea that I would end up wanting to stay longer after the end of my first contract. When it was finally time for me to find another school, Jay helped me ever step of the way, from the finicky visa process to the actual moving date. Any questions I have, Jay has an answer for. And if he does not, he always gets back to it quickly!

OK Recruiting has played an important role in my life in Korea. I would definitely recommend this program for anyone who is looking to start teaching here!

Susan D.

My name is Phillip Bowie and I want to tell you about my recruiter Jay Suh and how helpful he was. I was a little hesitant to use a recruiter at first because of past experiences. However, I am really glad I decided to work with Jay. He seemed to always be available when I had a question or if a problem came up he was able to assist me with everything. He’s a very hard and good worker. He will be able to help you with everything you need and more. Thank you so much for being so helpful and being an amazing recruiter to work with. I had a brief problem with my apartment and he immediately informed me about everything and what was going to be done. I didn’t have this experience with a recruiter before. I will definitely be recommending other people or friend to him for help.

Phillip Bowie

Phillip Bowie