1. How much is the Salary?
As an English Teacher in Korea, you can expect to earn about 2.1 ~ 2.9 million won per month. More may be offered depending on your qualifications.

2. How often do I get paid?
You will be paid monthly according to the school’s schedule. Usually the 9th or 10th of each month.

3. Does my nationality matter?
To qualify for a Visa in Korea working as a English Teacher (E-2 Visa) you must be a passport holder from the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa. This is a legal requirement from Korean Immigration and we have no way around it.

4. Why does the website application require my photo?
A photo of you is needed as the schools in Korea will not have the opportunity to meet with you in person before they hire you. A photo is a powerful tool and a good way to show off your professional demeanor.

5. Do I have to pay for my airfare?
The cost of your flight is covered in your contract!

6. What is the housing like?
For a single teacher, you will be provided a single studio apartment and for couples, 1 bedroom apartments are available. All apartments are modern and western styled. While your apartment will be small compared to the U.S., it will be clean and conveniently located to your school (usually 10 – 15 minute walking distance).

7. Can I go for a shorter term (less than 1 year)?
Unfortunately, all of our positions require that you make a 12 month commitment.

8. Do I need a TESOL/TEFL certification?
While being certified to teach English will help you find a position, it is not a requirement and we encourage people with or without certification to apply.

9. Do I need to speak Korean?
No, you will not need to speak any Korean to qualify for this position. Some teachers however do pick up books of tapes to learn some rudimentary Korean as this will enhance your social experience while there.

10. I don’t have a Bachelor’s degree, can I still go?
No, The Bachelor’s degree is a requirement from the Korean Immigration office.

11. How much do you charge?
Nothing, we are paid by the schools in Korea to assist them in finding qualified teachers. We never charge anything to prospective teachers.

12. When do the positions start?
We have positions available year-round and we will work with you to find a school and start date that meets your schedule.

13. How much money should I bring?
We recommend that teachers bring around $300USD to last them until their first paycheck which may be 1 month from their arrival. → Check Packing List

16. Do I need vaccinations?
There are no required vaccinations to travel to Korea. → Check More Info on Medical Check

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