E2 Visa run to Japan

Processing time: 3 days 

1. Application form    → Click to Download Visa Application Form
Fill out the visa application form. Only the information below.
Other sections you can leave blank.

1) Name of the employer (D.O.B)/School name:
2) School address:
3) School phone number:
4) visa number written on 2.1:

2. What to Bring
– Original passport
– 2 passport size photo
– Visa fee (5000Yen-22000yen/depends on countries/Japanese Yen only)
– Application form

3. How to Get to Korean consulate
– Get off at Tojin Machi (唐人町) station ( 9th stops from the airport )
– Get our of Exit #1 of Tojin Machi station
– Go towards the traffic light, Cross the intersection and turn.
– Go straight for about 10 min and you will see Korean consulate
(a building with a Korean style roof and a Korean flag.)

→ Click for Fukuoka Subway Info

4. Important Notes
–  CONSULATE IN Fukuoka accepts visa application between 9am and 11:30am,
Therefore, you need to arrive at the Korean consulate by 11AM latest.
–  Then pick up your visa a day after next day around 1:30pm

5. Korean consulate address and phone number
Address: 1-1-3 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Japan, 810-0065
Phone number: 81-(0) 92-771-0461/3

→ Click to download other visa documents


Pictures of Korean Consulate in Fukuoka, Japan


Korean consulate is closed on the following days.
Please make sure to call or check Korean consulate website before booking your trip.

January 1st ~3rd and 8th
February 11th
March 21st
April 29th
May 3rd~5th
July 16th
September 17th and 23rd
October 8th
November: 3rd and 23rd
December 23rd and 29th~31st