E2 Visa Transfer

It is SIMPLE process.

Teacher MUST do visa transfer within two weeks from the 1st day of the new contract.

When visiting immigration, get a copy of degree and Criminal check certified by immigration and give them to director-Need them for education board registration. Costs 800 won per a copy

First, you need to make reservation to visit immigration office for visa transfer at https://www.hikorea.go.kr/pt/RsvInfoPageR_en.pt

Second, prepare the following documents.

Required documents from teacher
◊Signed contract (copy and original)
◊Passport – you will get your passport back.
◊ ARC (Alien registration card)
◊60,000 WON (visa FEE)
◊Labor Income Withholding Receipt(근로소득원천징수) and Letter of release from former employer – If you finished your contract, you DO NOT need Letter of release
◊Integrated Application Form

Required documents from employer
◊ School business license copy
◊ School registration copy
◊ Your work schedule
◊ Singed contract
◊School housing contract (if you have your own place then need to bring yours)
◊ Confirmation of Residence/Accommodation