Packing List

  • Passport

  • Visa related Documents – please consult your recruiter

  • Cash – around $300(USD) to last until you get your 1st pay check

  • Clothing

    • Bring bring clothes for all 4 seasons
    • Women 6’6 will easily find clothes to fit in any stores
    • Men under 6.5 ft will easily find clothes to fit in any stores
    • If not, it is recommended to bring sufficient clothing for the year
  • Shoes – Up to you. You can shop any kinds at most of stores

  • Medicine and Vitamins

    • Most you can find in Korea or you can on-line shop
    • For prescribed medicine/Birth control, please consult your recruiter
  • Gift – Recommend to bring small gifts for employer/co-workers, e.g. magnetic

  • etc.

    • Plug adapters
    • If you are not sure, consult your recruiter
  • Things cheaper in Korea

    • Eye classes
    • Medicine
  • Consult your recruiter if you are not sure

Packing list for teaching in China or Korea

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