Need to make an application to extend your visa/ARC prior to the expiration of your current one.
Processing time: 2~3 weeks

Application can be done either in person or on-line

1) Walk-in (Appointment is required) →  Make an appointment:
2) On-line:

Required Items

a. Application form for Walk-in application → Download Application form
b. Signed contract (copy and original)
c. Passport (copy and original)
d. ARC (copy and original)
e. Fee: 50,000 won
f. School business license copy
g. School registration copy
h. Your work schedule
i. School class chart(어학원 현황표)
j. School housing contract (if you have your own place then need to bring yours)
k. Confirmation of Residence/Accommodation → Download the form
l. Labor Income Withholding Receipt(근로소득원천징수)