Start Date: Late July 2024


Curriculum Development: Create engaging and age-appropriate physical education lessons aligned with educational standards.
Instructional Delivery: Conduct inclusive and dynamic classes, incorporating various activities to cater to diverse learning styles.
Skill Development: Focus on individual and team skill enhancement, providing constructive feedback.
Assessment: Evaluate student performance and provide feedback to support their physical development.
Health Education: Integrate health education components, covering topics such as nutrition and fitness.

General Conditions:

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5PM
Vacation: all national holidays, 4 personal/sick days per year, 2 weeks in winter, 1 week in spring, 4 weeks in summer
Free cafeteria lunch, morning and afternoon snacks
Four insurances and severance payment
A competitive salary commensurate with your qualifications and the position
Housing, or a housing allowance, provided if necessary

Working Conditions

• Teaching Age: Middle School to High School
• Working Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 A.M. – 5 P.M. (leave at 4:40 if no meetings)
• Teaching Hours: maximum 5 classes per week, each class is 215 minutes of instruction per week + 2-3 After Class Activity periods (45 minutes)
• Study Hall Supervision Duties
• 1 hour lunch break every day
• Breaks: 10 minutes between classes
• Class Size: 4 – 16 students per class
• Teacher Training: Initial Teacher Training and full support from administrative staff
• Teaching Staff: 30+ Teachers

Salary: Starting at 2.6 million per month + 500,000 housing allowance (school provided housing possible as well). Negotiable based primarily on education and years of experience

Job ID: JT 1394-1

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