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Cost of Living in China

  • Rent:
    Tier 1 : 5,000-6,500RMB
    Tier 2 : 2,000-3,500RMB
    Tier 3 : 1,000-2,000RMB

  • Food:
    Cheap meal for 1: 15-30RMB
    Restaurant meal for 2: 100-200RMB
    Domestic beer: 4-10RMB
    Imported Beer: 10-65RMB
    Chicken Breast: 15-40RMB

  • Travel & Fun:
    Internal flights: 300-1500RMB
    High Speed Train: 400-800RMB
    Slow train: 150-500RMB
    1 night mid range hotel: 250-400RMB
    Cinema, international release: 35-70RMB
    KTV(Karaoke) per hour: 20-200RMB
    Massage (30 minutes): 40-100RMB

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